About us

Kadimi Special Steels is a leading steel company in India.

Our plant is located in Sriperumbudur, 25 kms from the port of city of Chennai. We are the largest automated steel processing plant for wire rods in India and have an annual capacity of 84,000 MT.

We offer high quality Steel Wires that are used in the production of automotive fasteners, cold forged component, bearings, chains and springs.

We accomplish our supreme quality by combining state-of-the-art equipment along with commitment to quality.

With our goal of manufacturing the ultimate quality wire, we constantly innovate to have the best manufacturing practices in the country.

Our conviction and latest technologies along with our commitment to the environment have led us to make our plant a zero-dischargefacility. Thus, all our products are manufactured under the most eco-friendly conditions.

Company History

Kadimi Special Steels is promoted by Kadimi Group.

Kadimi has close to forty years experience and is primarily focused in providing a large range of industrial products to fastener and automotive companies since 1977. The product range includes various Machinery, Steel and Tools, thus, offering a wide range of solutions to our 1000+ customers globally.

Business Segments