Pickling and Coating

Capacity: Automated pickling and coating line of 84000MT (185 million lbs)/ annum

During the pickling process, several surface treatments can be executed. The line is fully equipped with cleaning, pickling and phosphating as we as lime and double lime baths. This means that a large number of surface treatments can be applied to all types of wires as untreated, annealed and drawn wire.


Our customized bell type Hydrogen annealing furnaces assures uniformity of temperature and atmosphere to produce consistent properties that are required in CHQ wire.
The spheroids are structurally consistent due to uniform temperature in the furnace, secured by high convection which is possible due to gas qith good heat conductivity and high speed fans. The furnace’s special AC/APEx system guarantee complete spherodization and protection against decarburization.

Wire Drawing

We have a wire drawing capacity of 45000MT (99 million lbs)/ year ranging from sizes 2.0 - 33.0mm (0.079 - 1.299 inch). We have provisions for eddy current testing to supply crack free material to our customers.